Our Nanotechnology Products


Onyx offers the iPhone 7 Jet black scratch resistance to the surface of the delicate polished finish along with oil resistance which means that natural oils from your fingers will easily be able to wipe away with one simple wipe without polishing hard and scratching your phone. Onyx will not effect the high gloss finish of the iPhone 7 finish. Onyx is on pre-order, shipping on the 20th Sept 16

Life Span : Lasts up to 12 months (recommend coating every 6 months, we will send you a reminder after this time)
Shelf Life : 12 months
Coverage : 2-3 Phones
Liquid Waterproof Coating For Mobile Phones & Tablets

Flash Flood may be described as a nanotechnology spray that protects your phone, MP3 player or tablet from any damage due to rain, humidity and damp conditions. Flash Flood is the only DIY solution of its type, and you can apply it at your own convenience at your home or office. It’s relatively easy and requires no great expertise, while promising excellent results.

Life Span : It lasts for 6-12 months, depending on the usage. For gamers it would last 6 Months and for general use, it lasts 12 months
Shelf Life : 18 Months
Coverage : 3 to 4 Phones or 1 to 2 Tablets
Liquid Scratch Proof LCD Coating For Mobile Phone & Tablets

The Liquid Sapphire coating offers a permanent protection to your mobile phone, tablet or MP3 player. It is an easy DIY application that can be applied using basic instructions. Liquid Sapphire is UV resistant, waterproof and resistant to chemicals. You don’t have to use plastic screen protectors with them.

Life Span : Lasts for at least 3 years
Shelf Life : 2 Years
Coverage : 2 to 3 Phones
Liquid Scratch Proof For External Aluminium Body Shells

Titanium is very effective at protecting your mobile phone or tablet from scratches. It is designed to match the toughest specs on iPad, iPhone 5S, Macbook, AiriPhone 6, iMac, iPhone 6 Plus, Mini Mac, HTC phones and other exterior casings, shells and rims based on aluminum.

Life Span : Lasts for at least 3 years
Shelf Life : 18 Months
Coverage : 2 to 3 Phones
Nanotechnology Phone Skin Shield Self Healing / Shock Resistant / Anti Fingerprint LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Alien Skin is an NPF nanotechnology skin that uses the latest nanotechnology features and comes with incredible benefits. Alien Skin protects your phone from the highest drops and absorbs shock waves very well.

Life Span : Lifetime Guarantee
Shelf Life : 2 Years

Nanotechnology screen protector for mobile phones

Shock Stopper is a unique nanotechnology film which comes with useful built-in features that are very effective at stopping shock waves and preventing impact damage and come with self-healing properties. If by chance your screen protector gets scratched, it will heal itself, which is simply amazing. Shock Stopper comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Life Span : Life Time Guarantee
Shelf Life : 2 Years

Nanotechnology textured skin with added shock and impact resistance

Nemesis is a special textured carbon fiber skin that comes with an added layer for shock and impact protection. It is an excellent alternative to bulky plastic cases that mess with your phone’s look and shape. Nemesis is the only skin available out there that offers extra shock and impact protection.

Life Span : Lifetime guarantee with Free Replacement, if damaged

I-Survived Emergency Pack – Help revive your device from water damage

I-Survived offer better protection than Flash Flood as it not only protects your phone, but helps to revive it from severe liquid damage.