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Nanotechnology Full Body & Screen Protector Shield SelfHealing / Shock Resistant / Anti Fingerprint LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Full body phone protector phone skin including screen protector

Since mobile phones are such massive investments, it is very important to find the right protection for them. Many people use bulky plastic cases. What we wanted to do was to completely eliminate phone cases and develop a nanotechnology skin that gave all the benefits of a phone case, but without the bulk.

Why do people buy expensive smartphones? Because they look good! So the last thing you will want to do is the hide the features of the phone in an ugly plastic case. The plastic case protection only makes your phone bigger and bulkier and uncomfortable to carry around in your pockets. This makes it inconvenient to use such protection with phones such as iPhone 6 and 6+ or Samsung S6 and S6 Edge, which have been designed to fit into the pocket easily and slide in and slide out quickly.

Screen protectors are used to protect the LCD screen on phones. When you don’t have protection on the phone, it doesn’t take long for the mobile to get damaged, leading to scratches on the screen, and perhaps a shattered LCD. Not even the hardest glass used for the LCD on your phone can withstand the damage caused by coins or car keys scratching against them. After all, you’ll have spent a lot of money on the contract with your mobile network provider. The last thing you want is for the phone to get damaged.

In the UK, a majority of insurance claims are made over damaged phones. Sometimes, even a phone case wouldn’t be enough to protect the phone from the shock of a drip. This causes severe damage to its internal electronic components. You wouldn’t want the LCD to get cracked or broken, as it would without a shock absorber. But as said earlier, a typical phone protection adds bulk to the phone, making it uncomfortable to use and unseemly, which is the exact opposite of what you feel a smartphone should be.

At Nanostate’s focus group, we considered the concerns people have with their phones and tablets – the fact that they can get so easily damaged. The main thing people wanted to know about their phone protection was if it was…

  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Water resistant
  • Shock resistance to drops
  • Scratch resistant
  • Antireflective
  • Antibacterial

We developed Alienskin only after taking all the above points into consideration. We spoke about using a special film, that was nearly invisible, to cover the sides of the device. This was met with universal approval from the focus group. We also wanted to know from the focus group if they would be excited enough to buy the product if it came with a lifetime guarantee. Needless to say, the response was very positive to this.

So, we did incorporate most of the features from the focus group, but not all, while developing Alienskin. Alienskin offers full body protection, shock resistance, has self-healing properties that allow it to recover from scratches, and yes, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. That’s what makes it such a special product.


Alienskin Full Body Screen Protector Shield Nanotechnology Full Body & Screen Protector Shield SelfHealing / Shock Resistant / Anti Fingerprint LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Alienskin is an NPF nanotechnology skin that uses the latest nanotechnology with the most amazing features and benefits.

  • Self-Healing Properties
    Alienskin has amazing self healing properties – it repairs scratches on its own using a special Self Heal Nanotechnology.
  • Shock Resistance
    Alienskin protects the phone from the highest of drops 
 by absorbing shock waves using its amazing “Optimal Shock Technology.”
  • Full Body protector phone skin
    Alienskin offers a unique all round body protection at corners, sides, front and back of the phone.
  • Reduced Finger Prints
    Alienskin’s special AF Technology works to eliminate any finger print marking on the phone.
  • Chemical Resistant
    Alienskin has chemical resistance, which means you can sanitise the phone using an alcohol rub, without it causing any damage to the skin itself. So if you’re working in an environment where hygiene is the most important thing, then this would be quite a handy feature to have.
  • Easily Removed
    Alienskin comes with a special formulated adhesive which allows you to remove the Nano Skin any time you want to, without leaving marks or any residue of any sort on your device.
  • UT – (Ultimate Transparency)
    Alienskin provides UT to your device, which gives incredible clarity, without causing any delay on touchscreen devices.
  • UV Block
    Extended exposure to UV rays can discolour your phone. Alienskin blocks up to 95 percent of UV radiation.
  • Water Resistance
    Alienskin is compatible with Nanostate Flash Flood (which provides added water resistance phone protection coating)
  • Life Span
    You get a Lifetime Guarantee with Alienskin and a free replacement it gets damaged easy installation phone Skin.

Life Span : Lifetime Guarantee
Shelf Life : 2 Years

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