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Liquid Waterproof Coating For Mobile Phones & Tablets

Water is perhaps the biggest issue for smartphones. If you’re already experienced water damage to your smartphone in the past, you would perhaps be gratified to know that nanotechnology is very effective at protecting your device from water.

Flash Flood makes smartphones water resistant. It allows you to go jogging, hiking, or cycling in wet or damp conditions without worrying about your device getting damaged. Does your job involve you working outdoors? Are you on vacation at a beach in Spain, or do you just want to send an email while in the shower? Now, you can do all of these and more by using Flash Flood to make your phone completely waterproof.

Flash Flood may be described as a protective nanotechnology spray that offers your phone all the protection you need from water damage, and is based on the same technology as a lotus leaf. Flash Flood consists of self-cleaning and super-hydrophobic properties. The elevated surface of the lotus leaf used in the Flash Flood forces the water droplets to transform into a special spherical shape. The water bounces off the device just as marbles on a glassy surface.


According to a report by the Daily Mail, over 50 percent of the phones in the UK have been exposed to liquid damage – you certainly wouldn’t want something like that to happen to your phone.

According to Worth Ave. Group – a mobile phone insurer – 40 percent of the claims they get are because of water damage to iPhones.

T-Mobile claims that 80 percent of its Handset insurance claims were for water damage and phone drips. Check out the Nanostate Alien Skin & Shock Stopper for added phone drop protection.

Square Trade, a technology insurance broker claims that damaged iPhones have cost total losses of $5.9 billion in the United States. The most common reasons for the damage were rain, or that the phone had fallen into toilet, sink, swimming pool, hot tub and so on.

Gizmodo.com, a top gadget site claims that this year itself over 900,000 mobile phones were lost due to water damage, which is an incredible $90 million in scrap phones.

Protect your phone now! Flash Flood will protect your phone, tablet or MP3 player against any liquid damage due to rain, humidity, dampness and so on. Flash Flood is the only DIY solution out there which you can cost at home anytime you choose to. It guarantees results and requires no technical expertise of any sort. The coating is invisible to the naked eye and is 40,000 times thinner than your hair. It protects your iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus or other devices that come with a fingerprint scan button.

The coating does not affect the colour of your phone or tablet, but it protects your device fully from the possible effects of water damage. Flash Flood is by far the best product in the market, which has been reviewed by the likes of CCN News and is sold in several countries around the world.

Life Span : It lasts for 6-12 months, depending on the usage. For gamers it would last 6 Months and for general use, it lasts 12 months
Shelf Life : 18 Months
Coverage : 3 to 4 Phones or 1 to 2 Tablets

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