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I-Survived Emergency Pack – Revives your phone from water damage

All of us are familiar with stories of expensive mobile phones getting damaged because they were dropped in the toilet, got affected by rain and so on. When this happens, in the best case scenario, the damages caused to the phone can be repaired by technicians, and in the worst case scenario, you are left with no choice but to get a new phone.

At Nanostate, we have developed an amazing nanotechnology powder pack that can revive your phone from the worst water damage in just four steps. First, you need to remove the phone’s battery, SIM, SIM tray, and covers. Then, cut the I-Survived pouch on the dotted line, pull the zip lock open, pop the phone in the bad, seal it and wait 12 to 48 hours for the nano packs to work their magic. The nano packs come with their own breathable and expandable skin that contains the nanotechnology powder, and can absorb a load up to 100 times its weight.

I-Survived has the power to absorb every drop, no matter how much liquid is present in the phone. So after putting the phone through an I-Survived pack, the phone should be able to start again. The I-Survived pack has been designed to hold even the largest of phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. So it doesn’t matter how big the phone is, it should fit in well with the I-Survived pack.


According to the Daily Mail, over half of the phones in the UK have been, at some point, damaged by heavy water damage. Most of these damages have occurred in toilets and sinks.

The Worth Ave. Group is a top phone insurance provider. According to them, 40 percent of the claims they receive each year were for water damages. I-Survived does not guarantee that your phone will work, but it gives the phone a much better chance of surviving than otherwise. The faster you can get your phone into the I-Survived pouch, the higher are your chances of saving it.

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