Franchise Business Opportunities

Are you looking for a brand new franchise business opportunity that could potentially transform your life? Well, Nanostate may well be the answer you’re looking for! At Nanostate, not only do we sell retail products, but we also have a popular range of shopping mall kiosks in dozens of countries around the world.

We have found that while a lot of people loved Nanostate products, they were not confident about applying the products themselves and would rather get the assistance of a trained professional to perform the application for them. So, by setting up kiosks in shopping malls, we have been able to form a better connection with our target audience, to show them what our products could do for them.

The fact is, our products are basically in impulse buy, nobody actually goes to a shopping mall to get their mobile devices coated or to buy a full body protector for their smartphones. It’s just something our customers think of while passing by our kiosks in shopping malls.

Our kiosks are specially designed to attract the attention of our customers. They have a very crisp and modern ambience about them and play demonstration videos virtually round the clock, which is guaranteed to attract the attention of passers-by. They are also very profitable for this reason.

We are looking intently for smart, business minded people around the world who can see their future with us and open our kiosks to sell our products in their countries.


Selling our products is very easy and just a short explanation has to be given to potential customers about them. The videos are self-explanatory and our fully-trained staff will be at hand to answer any question posed by customers and to offer the right solution to their problems.

We offer exclusive rights in all territories and an opportunity to resell the franchise later in your own territory. In that case you will be responsible for supplying the stock to each of your franchisee and will be required to share a commission on each franchisee that you sign up in your territory.

So, what does a franchise opportunity at Nanostate cost?

This depends on the type of business that you plan to operate, whether as a sole trader in a kiosk in a shopping mall or whether you wish to resell the franchise as well. Please note that only people who operate their own kiosks are allowed to be franchise resellers.




At Nanostate, we take no royalties or for that matter, any other type of monetizing scheme. Basically, you buy the stock, and get to keep the profits.


At Nanostate, we offer full training on location in your own country. Our training staff come from the UK, so you’ll be dealing with the best trainers in the business, people with practical and real hands-on experience. You will be given training of the highest quality to help you succeed with us.

Do you have a location in mind?

We are open to suggestions, so if you have a location in mind, please get in touch with us at the earliest. We will do our due diligence and let you know soon if it is possible to operate one of our kiosks in the location suggested by you. We won’t agree to set up our kiosks at any location just for the franchise fees – we really want the best for our partners and want them to succeed. It’s not just about money with us – we want the best possible results as well.

Do you give samples?

Please understand, we do not offer any free samples. It is our earnest belief that the only way to see if the products are suitable in your marketplace is for you to buy a full sample pack yourself and to carry out the marketing, to see if it works for you. We offer special sample packs that contain the Pro Service Kits associated with all products – Shock Stopper, Alienskin, I-Survived, Nemesis and so on. We charge the full price for the sample kits, which will be refunded, provided you decide to go ahead with the franchise business.