Onyx is a nanotechnology DIY coating for scratch resistance on the iPhone 7 Jet Black model, it’s also oil resistance which is a key feature of Onyx that people might not of even though about as the jet black finish is a dirt & fingerprint magnet. It has already been well illustrated that the Jet Black model suffers from heavy fingerprints, smudges, smears and can be scratched very easily.

scratched and fingerprint marks iPhone 7 jet black

Scratches & Fingerprint Marks iPhone 7 Jet Black

The surface
When a finish is so delicate pocket change, keys can easily scratch your device even without the hazards of just constantly rubbing your device from dirt will cause the surface to eventual start to show swirling circle scratch marks. Most of us don’t carry around a lint cleaning cloth in our pocket in the real world and will use our t-shirt or tissues or whatever else is to hand to clean our phone. This type of cleaning practice can cause damage to the finish, even on the first time of cleaning.

I’m sure that you have experienced this with other types of electronics or a pair of glasses for example, if you had the iPhone 3gs you would of almost certainly experienced this problem. Onyx is an invisible nanotechnology scratch resistant coating which will stop all the above issues as you are cleaning the surface of Onyx’s coating and not the surface of the iPhone 7. Onyx can take a pressure of around 9H before the coating is penetrated so light pocket change and keys will not penetrate the coating.

Scratched iPhone 7 Jet Black

Scratched iPhone 7 Jet Black


Fingerprint marks
With Onyx being oil resistant is a key feature that you may have over looked, 2 issues with fingerprint marks, first it can make you phone look dirty and it’s annoying and look’s like an expensive fingerprint magnet after you just spent a fortune on it. 2nd is that with it being oil resistant is that with one simple wipe the marks are gone. This will also stop any surface damage to you iPhone 7 Jet Black as you are cleaning the microscopic layer of Onyx’s coating and not the actual surface of the phone itself.

fingerprint marks iPhone 7 jet black

Fingerprint marks iPhone 7 jet black – Took from an unboxing video on youtube.

Why use Onyx ?
Well from the design and finish of the Jet Black surly you want to see it’s beauty ? Why would you put a case on something you have just purchased then cover it up with a case, like Apple suggest ? It’s a crazy world and people do as they think they have no other option, Onyx is your answer!

Iphone 7 Jet Black fingerprint & scratch


What protection does Onyx offer ?
Onyx will offer protection from light pocket change and keys, it’s be tested to take a pressure of around 9H before the coating is penetrated, so even though Onyx offers a fantastic line of protection it will not protect your phone if you drop it. For example, without getting to technical, drop and scratch resistance are not the same thing. If you drop your phone the chances are it will pit scratch or if you scratch your phone hard with keys and coins it will scratch, onyx is for day to day protection for light users Onyx will be more than sufficient for you to show the beauty of the iPhone 7 jet black in it’s original condition without getting damage from day to day living for people who take care of there device.



How will you know it’s still working
Onyx will last up to 12 months , but we recommend that you re-coat it again after 6 months as people have different levels of usage. Once you purchase Onyx we will send you a reminder SMS message & email that it’s time to re-coat your iphone 7 jet black again.


If you are a heavy or rough user we recommend Alien Skin an invisible Nano film for all round protection that will protect your phone from heavy scratches and drops, it also has self healing properties. The gloss effect of the iPhone 7 jet black is not effected as it shows through the ultra clarity film, It’ a bubble free application and very easy to apply, comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you want double protection you can apply Onyx first then Alien Skin.

For a screen protector we recommend Shock Stopper invisible nanotechnology film or Liquid Sapphire for light users. For the normal iPhone 7 finishes Titanium is recommend which is similar to Onyx.

Please refer to Titanium page for application, the application is exactly the same for the iPhone 7 Jet Black (the video is at the bottom of the page)

Life Span : Lasts up to 12 months (recommend coating every 6 months, we will send you a reminder after this time)
Shelf Life : 12 months
Coverage : 2-3 Phones

Application Video

In Action Video's