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Front LCD Screen Protector Phone Skin – Shock Stopper

Most of us spend a lot of money on our phones and tablets. So we look for a way to protect them from accidental drops and any banging, such as on the corner of the table, for instance. The worst thing that can happen to your phone is that it gets damaged, and either it’s lost forever, or you’ll have to go for an expensive repair.

Most phone makers pay very little attention to the shock resistance features of the devices during manufacturing. Not having adequate resistance is a problem for most mobile phones. So, if you, by chance, drop your phone on the floor, it’s more than likely that its LCD will crack, shattering completely and the phone would stop working. The components within the phone can get damaged as well, which would put it completely beyond repair.

That’s why we have developed the Shock Stopper. As you can see from the videos, Shock Stopper protects your phone and is capable of taking any sort of abuse. It absorbs the shock waves from any sort of impact. Shock Stopper is not perfect, but it protects your phone to an appreciable degree against most drops.

Sure, there are other products in the market that cost hardly a few pennies. But they are basically just PVC screen protectors and do not offer any real protection against shocks. Shock Stopper is more than just a screen protector- it is made with nanotechnology, which enables it to provide an amazing level of performance and protection against any shock.

Here are some of the features of Shock Stopper…

  • Shock Resistance
    Shock Stopper protects your LCD against a majority of impacts that would otherwise cause it to crack, break or scratch. Do check our videos to see how Shock Stopper absorbs the worst kind of shocks.
  • Anti-Fingerprint
    Most mobile phones have an issue with fingerprints getting on the screen. This affects the screen quality and can make it hard to operate the phone. Fingerprints can be really quite annoying when they remain on the screen. Shock Stopper comes with a special anti-fingerprint technology that ensures that if any marks remain on the screen, they can be removed by wiping the screen with a cloth – any type of cloth would do. The screen would get back to looking as new as ever.
  • Self-Healing Properties
    One of the incredible features provided by nanotechnology is selfhealing. Self-healing is a fabulous technology that enables the screen to self-repair and heal any minor scratches, all by itself. The scratches disappear by themselves in just 3 to 4 minutes. Shock Stopper is fitted with this unique technology, which makes it really quite special. Something like this is unimaginable with conventional screen protectors.
  • Easy Application
    Applying Shock Stopper to the screen is as easy as it gets. You don’t get any bubbles under the cover, as you would with other screen protectors. Even if you do get any bubbles, they disappear within just 24 hours.
  • Chemical Resistant
    Shock Stopper has excellent chemical resistance features. So if you work in a place where the highest hygiene is mandatory, all you need to do is to run the Shock Stopper’s skin with alcohol – this ensures the highest possible hygiene without affecting the product.
  • Water Resistance
    Water resistance is not yet something that can be added to the film itself as there are several parts on the phone that have to be kept open, such as the headphone jack. You can make your phone water resistant by using Flash Flood, which allows you to apply the waterproof coating to even the open areas of the smartphone such as the earpiece, speaker, buttons, mic, charging point and headphone jack. This gives you maximum protection against any sort of liquid damage.

You will find more information about Flash Flood here. Also, it is important to understand that Flash Flood coating is added after the application of Shock Stopper.

Life Span : Life Time Guarantee
Shelf Life : 2 Years

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