Titanium Scratch Resistant Phones

Nanostate India
Liquid Scratch Proof For External Aluminium Body Shells

Titanium is very effective at protecting your smartphone or tablet from scratches. The nanotechnology used in Titanium offers excellent protection to your iPhone 5S, , iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad, Macbook Air, Samsung S6 , S6 Edge, Macbook Air, iMac, Mini Mac, HTC mobile phones and more. Titanium makes your phone waterproof, UV resistant, chemical resistant and reduces fingerprint markings as well.

Since Titanium has chemical resistance, which means you can sanitise the phone using an alcohol rub, without it causing any damage to the skin itself. So if you’re working in an environment where hygiene is the most important thing, then this feature does really come in handy. Everything you need with it is available in the kit given to you.

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Life Span : Lasts for at least 3 years
Shelf Life : 18 Months
Coverage : 2 to 3 Phones

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